The Bedford Library (Visit) – A creative reuse of a Food Lion Grocery

Automated Materials Handling – maximizing man power
Books are put into drop box, then travel to an area within the library. The barcodes are then automaticly scanned and dropped into designated bins. The bins are organized by library reshelfing catagories. This automatied system reduced the reshelfing process by 20 percent. (See AMH post for an actual video on this system)

Axium Solar Kiosk

Their Mission: Our Community’s front porch . . . for learning, for leisure, for life!

My thoughts on this visit:

This might sound terrible but when I initially left the site the first thing I thought was ohh no humans are going to be replaced by machines. Yet that is not the case. What impacted me the most about this site visit was the Automated Materials Handling System. It was amazing to here how much labor was cut down.


(This is me being a little too transparent), but this site visit was the 2nd most overwhelming site visit I’ve experienced. This visit was overwhelming because immediately walking into the main library we started talking about the eco friendly lighting, Geo-thermal systems, Maria Redburn showed us this wonderful inverter, and all of this was well over my head I took so many notes on stuff to Google and I came home and had a deep conversation with my neighbor who’s a private contractor.


I was really impressed at how much Maria Redburn had learned from being apart of the development and it made me think, the only way I am going to get a good grasp on all of these amazing sustainable changes is I have got to find a company trying to make these improvements and volunteer with them this way I can ask all the stupid questions I need.  So that is my new game plan



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