Recycle Revolution (Visit)- Dallas


Single stream of recyclable material getting ready to be sorted

So today we met with Eddie Lott, Founder and Executive director. 

Their Mission Statement:Foster a culture of recycling in North Texas, provide outstanding service to businesses that care, and use our success to rally for the causes of good neighborhoodship and environmental awareness.

My Thoughts: I’ll be honest before taking this class I kept hearing people say recycle/reuse almost as if it were one in the same. But Today I learned that recycling is a completely different concept. When I pictured recycling facilities I picture land fields  or that  type of environment. As you can see things are stored quite neatly and not just piles of materials.   

I posted the pictures of the plastic bottles and books, because they were stored in >>> card board boxes.  What impressed me most was not the recycling facility, but Eddie Lott himself.  While we walked around the facility I started thinking wow he’s a political science major, you’ve got to be kidding, and how does that relate. Yet, as we sat down and really listened to him talk, it was obvious. He takes a serious passion in the responsibility of recycling but it became obvious that he is equally passionate in the dynamics of how and why every one internationally should have the opportunity.

Thanks to this visit I learned that one person or one company no mater how big or small can make life sustaining difference with in towns and communities.

The staff at Recycle Revolution was holding this PVC to donate to an organization possibly Habitat for Humanities to be reused vs reycling it…. How awsome.


These box of cans could have easily come form my home alone. WOW!!!


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