Rooftop Herb Garden – Supplementing fresh herbs and vegetables for our restaurant
“People always say they don’t have room for a garden. HA HA the Fairmount showed them.”

                                                       Today we met with Jason James the Chief Engineer for the Fairmount Hotel Dallas.

 The first Texas hotel to win the Green Key Award (“The Green Key audit results demonstrate our enduring commitment to environmental stewardship and constant efforts ).

Aside from getting to see a pretty productive roof top vegetable garden, what really stuck with me the most how transparent and realistic Jason was.

During the tour Jason mentioned that they have had to out source some of the services to other companies. They outsourced a few services because a few other companies offer   more established recycle/reuse programs at affordable prices. This made a ton of since to me, because once again there are a lot of small changes that can be made vs running to put solar panels on roofs. Hints : RECYCLE REVOLUTION 

This location

  • Removed 3500 pounds of old telephones, leaving 800 pounds of copper available for a recycle/reuse program
  • The offer employee garage sales to promote reuse within the company
  • To conserve energy and cut greenhouse gas emissions, Fairmont has introduced compact fluorescent light bulbs where possible.
  • Guests can do their part by choosing to participate in the towel and sheet exchange program offered at all Fairmont properties
Water recycling program, which will take water from cooling towers and filtrate for irrigating the herb garden.
• Chiller replacement
• Hot water softener
• Water efficient shower heads
Every thing in this particular room is still incandescent. This is one their most important banquet rooms and it is know for it ambiance and soft lighting, The hotel is till looking to find energy efficient lightings that will complement this room ambiance.
Check out the green house


Local bees are managed by the Honey Bee Guild
This was a great tour, but it wore us OUT!!!

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