Ferrier Custom Built Homes (VISIT)



The beginning of a 1900sq ft home
About a $60.00 avg energy total compared to a $450.00avg.
Industry class 4 roof with life time warranty
>>> A visual… This home should be able to handle a class 3 hurricane
This home will be built with a tankless water heater, and with close attention to insulation, tight air, and the particular angels of the sun during it’s peaks.

Their Mission Statement: To advance, communicate and facilitate energy-efficient and sustainable building practices to the home building industry and into the homes and structures we buildToday we met with Don Ferrier, he is a 3rd generation of the Ferrier Company.

This company basis their designs on:

  • Proper site locations, taking into consideration of existing buildings and infrastructures
  • Reducing overall energy loads
  • Water Conservation such as water runoffs and
  • Local materials that simplify and reduce operational requirements 

The site visit really stimulated my brain cells it made me think about building homes that  last. That to me is exactly what sustainability on the first level is. Don really brought this tour home for me when he explained that the upfront costs building energy efficient homes are very steep. Yet, the long run savings could be tremendous. Not just savings on utilities and home repair but saving on items such as homeowners insurance.

AND HERE I GO AGAIN>>> windows and insulation

The very first thing Don explained how they pay extra attention to insulation and framework utilizing sprayfoams. He then went on to explain how many of the homes are built with straps to support the home through possibly class 3 hurricanes.

Completely amazing. This visit really made me want to spend some time with Habitat for Humanity (in the winter). This site visit took me a little out of my comfort zone at first because I was afraid we were going to talk more about the construction and design that goes into new homes, but Don Ferrier was so enthusiastic and focused on explaining the small changes that could be built into homes and buildings, that this visits turned into a real eye opener for me.


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