Image Each product is rigorously researched prior to selection to ensure that it adheres to Green Living’s five core principles of sustainability. Among a sea of green-washing in the market place, Green Living has been a trusted partner for truly earth-friendly goods for the home since 2003.

I kept thinking I had been here, but as soon as I got home and rested I realized it wasn’t the store It was Howard Garret I had heard of. I have been trying for almost 2 years to attend one of his workshops.

Through out this class we have visited several locations that focus on sustainability within a built environment; this visit reminded me that along with enhancing communities, I can’t forget about clean air, using organic products and even fairly traded products. It also reminded me that sustainability has so many avenues and areas where we can make small changes that improve health and quality of life.  Of all the tours we have taken in the past few weeks this retail store and the roof top gardens are the 2 I can most identify with. Eco-Friendly products are more affordable small changes any one can do.

I am learning that there is so much more I can learn.


Tarrent County Water District (VISIT)


 LEED Gold Certification

 Some of its features:

    • Largest roof top solar electric system in the state of Texas
    • Solar panels provide 70 percent of the buildings energy as well as it’s surplus electricity
    • Largest array of photovoltaic (electricity-generating) panels
    • Sealed concrete flooring, cork flooring
    • The lighting in the building operates with occupancy sensors
    •  Energy efficient heating/cooling system that continually cycles fresh air into the building


Three 2,500-gallon cisterns to catch rainwater; a drip-irrigation system for landscaping featuring drought-resistant native vegetation

 This location was the Grand Daddy of all the locations we have visited. This building was Eco-Friendly to the max, but I think what impressed me most was how the design and thought process took the workers/employees into consideration. This building was designed to improve the overall air quality. The location took into consideration the Trinity Rail System. They really considered the people who would spend the most time in the building. They added a special coating on glass windows, so that the windows could double as think pads or dry erase boards (reducing paper and STICKY NOTES). It felt like the designers had thought about every thing.

I am really starting to understand the impact of LEED Certified Structures.

Sooooo I kinda Left This Visit Out


So this is a part of the Omni Hotels Roof Top Garden, and dag nab-it, it just wasn’t what I pictured.

 The Omni Hotel is one of the most beautiful Hotels I’ve seen in a long time. Yet, it was defiantly work in progress. I regretfully didn’t take pictures of all the wonderful eco-friendly improvements they were doing because I was saving space on my memory card for the garden.

These were recently planted tomato plants
So here’s my over all thought on their roof top garden…. Since it was obvious they wanted edibles up there… I realy realy wish they had just planted a ton of perennial herbs.


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