Image Each product is rigorously researched prior to selection to ensure that it adheres to Green Living’s five core principles of sustainability. Among a sea of green-washing in the market place, Green Living has been a trusted partner for truly earth-friendly goods for the home since 2003.

I kept thinking I had been here, but as soon as I got home and rested I realized it wasn’t the store It was Howard Garret I had heard of. I have been trying for almost 2 years to attend one of his workshops.

Through out this class we have visited several locations that focus on sustainability within a built environment; this visit reminded me that along with enhancing communities, I can’t forget about clean air, using organic products and even fairly traded products. It also reminded me that sustainability has so many avenues and areas where we can make small changes that improve health and quality of life.  Of all the tours we have taken in the past few weeks this retail store and the roof top gardens are the 2 I can most identify with. Eco-Friendly products are more affordable small changes any one can do.

I am learning that there is so much more I can learn.


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