Tarrent County Water District (VISIT)


 LEED Gold Certification

 Some of its features:

    • Largest roof top solar electric system in the state of Texas
    • Solar panels provide 70 percent of the buildings energy as well as it’s surplus electricity
    • Largest array of photovoltaic (electricity-generating) panels
    • Sealed concrete flooring, cork flooring
    • The lighting in the building operates with occupancy sensors
    •  Energy efficient heating/cooling system that continually cycles fresh air into the building


Three 2,500-gallon cisterns to catch rainwater; a drip-irrigation system for landscaping featuring drought-resistant native vegetation

 This location was the Grand Daddy of all the locations we have visited. This building was Eco-Friendly to the max, but I think what impressed me most was how the design and thought process took the workers/employees into consideration. This building was designed to improve the overall air quality. The location took into consideration the Trinity Rail System. They really considered the people who would spend the most time in the building. They added a special coating on glass windows, so that the windows could double as think pads or dry erase boards (reducing paper and STICKY NOTES). It felt like the designers had thought about every thing.

I am really starting to understand the impact of LEED Certified Structures.


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