Bishop Arts District (Site Visit)

Today I got a chance to relieve some much needed academic stress I had lunch at Gloria’s with my classmates across the street from my favorite Taco Stand In Bishop Arts District. Then we got a chance to window shop and adventure in and out of some of the stores there. Bishop Arts Distinct is so beautiful now. It was interesting to see all the people walking around. It reminded me of the old Deep Elem. There were people everywhere. The district was so vibrant. This is what community/streets should feel like.

Throughout my studies I’ve heard all these theories about how a community and neighborhoods should look and feel like, but I guess it just depends on who you ask. Even though I hate Oak Cliff I would love to move closer to the District. This week I heard someone say what’s so great about Bishop Arts District; it’s nothing but a bunch of restaurants. I almost fell out of my seat. How can they say that. Obviously they don’t know oak cliff, because there are no decent restaurants with patio seating anywhere else in Oak Cliff.

I’m studying Adaptive Reuses right now and Bishop Arts District is a true reuse. Remembering old Bishop Arts District is I was bracing myself to walk in and out of a ton of antique stores, I was sooo wrong. For this blog I’m just going to post a few pictures.

Favorite Taco Stand in Dallas sorry Fuel City
This dude has a shop in Bishop Arts District… He makes these metal vest , metal masks and other stuff.
I just wanted to show how some was attempting Vertical gardening along the side of their building. You can see the string, where they’re training it up the building.
My classmate Beatris, made a good point, she pointed out that one of the buildings was two toned. We also noticed some updated wiring connected to this building.
We wondered if some of the buildings had been given face lift, but I don’t think the recent developers have done any such restorations. I bet if we dig deeper into this buildings history, we’ll find out that some previous owners of that particular building may have tried to give it a face lift. From my understanding there are now strict clauses in the leases preventing the tenants from making specific changes.
This is just another shot of Enos, the two toned building.
Sorry this picture wasn’t to clear, but I thought it was nice that they had added bike stations and respect bike rider signs.
lol… Me and my classmates tried to figure out what they would convert this building into … someone mentioned another restaurant. I suggested dry cleaners. But given the large open doors on the side, U shaped drive, it’s going to interesting to see who buys it (if it’s not already bought ) and see what adaptive reuse they will make of it.
I can’t remember what this building used to be, but it was recently converted into a dinner If you look closely you can see the window panes open like a roach coach (sorry I couldn’t think of a better way to explain) but the point is this building was really small on the inside but due to their creative seating they were able to add 10-15 extra chairs around the exterior of the restaurant. I also added this photo, because it was just another display of all the people finally hanging out in Bishop Arts District.
I tried to get a better view of this restaurant.. So you could see the interior.
I took this photo when some one pointed out that the develpoers left the trees to shade the side walks. Plus I like the way it brought out the colors in the buildings.
Super Cute >> They kept this >>> Don’t ask why I added this picture>> Just thought it was cool to see it
People every where… this is how a community/neighborhood should feel.

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