Magnolia Avenue Redevelopment in Forth Worth

I got a chance to visits The Magnolia Avenue Redevelopment in Forth worth, and I got a great tour with Ray W. Boothe.

Ray Boothe is Chief Architect, responsible for several  historic aspects and aesthetic including:

  • 1000 West Magnolia Bldg. – City Historic-Renovate & Adapt for City Police Substation, loft apartments, a restaurant & a bed-&-breakfast
  • Newkirk Building– City Historic- Renovate & Adapt for Corporate Offices
  • Fire Station No. 5 – National & City Historic-Renovate & Adapt for Video Studio & Corp Offices
  • Modern Drug Complex – National & City Historic-Renovate & adapt for new Bank, Restaurant, Landscape Architect and 6 loft apartments – in progress
  • Max Mehl Building – National & City Historic-Renovate & Adapt for Architects Office, Restaurant, and 12 loft apartments – in progress
  • Victory Art Center – National & City Historic-Renovate & Adapt for Glass School, Performing Center, Retail Art Galleries, 10 studios and 43 loft apartments
  • Assisted in Strategic Master Plan for renovation of Fort Worth South (1400 acre Southside Fort Worth) Continue to work with implementation
  • Consultant to Huitt-Zollars, Inc. for Federal GSA Historic Analysis Projects in Joplin and Columbia, Missouri – Provides GSA guidance on what they can do with buildings

The development I got a chance to tour was the Magnolia Avenue Redevelopment.

Magnolia Village – 2004: $33.6 million – 2011: $79.6 million – 137% increase
the Near Southside TIF has paid for such projects as the Magnolia Avenue streetscape, bike lanes, the Magnolia Green parking garage, the 80 new bike racks that myself, Fort Worth South, and Trinity Bicycles got installed, better sidewalks, Magnolia’s tree lighting, and more
Hanging out with Ray Boothe

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