Today I got a chance to meet with Eddie Wanston of the Carillion Group, he has been redeveloping a historic building by adding lofts and apartments above remodeled retail spaces. Eddie Vanston at 209 S. Main St.  Eddie restored the Sawyer Grocery store into 14 loft apartments with office space on the street level. He has also added apartments and home that  will be ideal for singles, and families with children. The retail space has already started leasing to small business such as Stir Crazy Baked Goods, and several other businesses.

Along with the renovations being done to the building it has lead to community volunteer contirubting executing community improvement projects, called Better Block Projects. These projects have also lead to narrow, slow traffic lanes.  Dedicated bike lanes.  Giant-sized people space.  Art vendors.  Food carts.  Sidewalk cafes.  On-street bike corrals.  Live music.  Native landscaping.  Games.  Giant crosswalk.

The renovations so far consisted of, pieces like the building’s original floor and window trim survived and are restorable, as is the original flooring. All the original trim, flooring, and counters are coveted, and quite beautiful, Longleaf Pine, which is in short supply now due to severely reduced numbers and must normally be gotten at salvage. The building’s original Longleaf Pine woodwork is being restored in all its various uses and will add tremendously to the buildings’ character. Along with ventilation windows above each door in the halls. Then the original 1930s-era kitchen cabinet assembly. The buildings’ upper floors were used as a hotel in the ’30s and ’40s, and these cabinets were installed at that time. A few remained, so Eddie will be able to use them and build replicas to match for the other units.

Designed with LARGE door openings
I’ll be honest these doors were the coolest part of the tour all day 🙂 >>> lockers & doors as part of the units, punching entry doors into their backs and turning them into entry foyers, and perhaps even using a couple for bathrooms.

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