Antibiotics in Livestock Harm Human Beings

I really think it’s important that people pay attention to Food politics



By Yoon Won-sup

Staff Reporter

Consumers Korea, a civic group seeking to protect consumers’ right announced surprising news a few months ago that beef in Korea, whether it is domestic or imported, is the most expensive in the world. Korean and imported beef were 55,800 won and 54,500 won per kilogram on average, respectively.

The civic group pointed that inefficient and complicated logistics is the main reason for the high price of livestock in Korea.

Probably, another reason for the high price, though it is not the most important factor, is that livestock farmers in Korea spend more money than anyone else in the world in feeding antibiotics to their pigs and cows, according to a recent report by civic groups on animals.

Korean livestock farmers spent 0.91 kilograms per one-ton of livestock in 2002, which is about three times more than the Japan’s 0.35 kilograms…

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