Trinity River Vision Authority- Shannon Cate

This morning I got a chance to visit with Shannon Cate, about the improvement being done along the Trinity River.


Planning and Development Manager

 Shanna Cate has worked in planning on the Trinity River Vision project since May of 2004. She manages aspects related to urban planning and development, TRVA’s Fair Contracting program and coordinates a broad range of activities related to stakeholder, community and governmental relations.
University of North Texas Denton, Texas, Master of Science Degree in Real Estate (August, 2005)
Tarleton State University, Stephenville, Texas, Bachelors of Business Administration Degree: Marketing Major (May, 2002)
Trinity Plan

Three bridges will span the bypass channel providing vehicles and pedestrians with access between Uptown and Northside neighborhoods.

1.5-mile-long bypass channel will be constructed to redirect flood waters around the low lying area to the north of downtown.

  • Because the bypass channel will be carrying water so quickly in times of flooding, areas where water can be stored before moving downstream will be critical. This is where valley storage comes into play. Valley storage is constructed to hold various amounts of water for short periods of time while river levels regulate after a flood.
  • Three flood gates will be installed at the portions of the river where the bypass channel and the original river intersect. These gates will remain open at most times, but can be shut during high water events – forcing water through the bypass channel.
  • A dam will be put in place near Samuels Ave. keeping the upstream water at a constant level at all times. The dam will also have a channel lock component allowing boats to travel from Marine Creek in the Stockyards all the way to Trinity Park!
Flooded homes near downtown Fort Worth in the 1949 Flood of the Clear Fork of the Trinity River. Montgomery Wards department store is seen in the distance. A horse is on one of the rooftops.
Flooded homes near downtown Fort Worth in the 1949 Flood of the Clear Fork of the Trinity River. Montgomery Wards department store is seen in the distance. A horse is on one of the rooftops.
Infrastructure needed for flood control will restore an aging industrial area once devoted to oil refining, scrap metal yards and electrical and chemical plants. When the bypass channel is completed, around 800 acres of underutilized land between the Tarrant County Courthouse and Northside Dr. will be accessible for private mixed-use development opportunities – in essence doubling the size of downtown. An envisioned 10,000 housing units and three million square feet of commercial, retail and educational space will make it possible for Fort Worth residents to live, work, play and learn near the river.
The Trinity Uptown plan will provide approximately 10 additional miles of pedestrian trails in the project area. These new trails will provide connectivity to existing trails and create linkages with neighborhoods and cultural amenities. The addition of new trails is concentrated largely along the east and west sides of the bypass channel and adjacent to the urban lake feature. The east side of the proposed bypass channel is envisioned as a “hard” edge with upper- and lower-level pedestrian walkways. These walkways will be hard surfaced and used for a variety of activities including walking, jogging, bicycling, and roller-blading. The west or “soft” edge of the bypass channel will be designed as a park-like natural setting with trails along a greenbelt. Picnic areas, park benches and landscaping will be used along the trails to create a place for the public to connect to the river and the environment. Trails are also planned in this section of greenbelt for horseback riding, and pedestrian bridges are proposed to provide easy access to the trail system.
What interested me the most:
Shannon mentioned they were creating Development Standards to maintain the cities support for urban-ism, and making sure they were only working with sustainable business, that would be maintain the integrate and support for the long run not just through the hype. They have had to decline buisness like Taco Bell and several convenience stores.
I was also interested in the entertainment and tourism that was already booming and the projects weren’t even 50% complete. Halfway through the presentation I started planning my family summer events in Fort Worth.
Anticipated Bypass - Similar to the River Walk
Anticipated Bypass – Similar to the River Walk
coyote-pr-header july4th rock the river

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