Book Review: Walk the Talk and Get the Result You Want… By Eric Harvey

Quick Summary

This really is a book that you need to read twice, at first read is just going to sound like an interesting story.  Then at the second read you start to really dissect and connect, or in my case disconnect to the characters.  This read was constructed very creatively, it walks you through a magical journey with CEO Bill, and the Janitor Clarence.  Throughout the book Clarence is helping Bill prepare a speech, discussing the company’s core values.

When I first started the book I tried to relate myself the CEO Bill, because I see myself as a leader and at my current company I am regarded as one of the veterans/leader/employee mentors. Then like many of the others who read this book I started to get agitated with the CEO Bill.  Honestly, this might have been because I’ve had enough with my own Supervisors walking tuff, and thinking their options and values are the only opinions that matter.  I’ve also had just about enough of people tripping over their own feet behind their fancy TITLES, as well.


“Who cares about what is going on with this company when you don’t care to tell us, what’s going on? – Internal communication is more than being nice to you coworkers.”

Chapter Takeaways:

How can Bill speak on behalf of everyone in the company – how can you walk the talk when people (your employees) barley hear you talk.

Clarence wasn’t impressed by tiles – Even though Bill was the CEO of the company he was regarded as  a major influencer, nor was he seen amongst the front line employees as the leader in the company.

Working together solves problems – it reduces wasted time, and reduces unnecessary conflict and interruption. Often on a team you will have several leaders, but each leader needs to understand their role on the team.

Final Thought – Just because you believe you are the leader or the designated voice, or just because you have been given a title does not mean you are the divine influence amongst the ones you’ve been placed above.

Despite what many managers think employees have to be motivated to be productive, and this motivation comes in various forms depending several factors.


Kindle Notes

Location 41 – Walking the Talk – acting in accordance with our beliefs and values –

Location 48 – In fact, the phrase “walk the talk” is merely a modern – day adaption of the saying “practice what you preach.”


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