Ch.1 Thoughts – Walk the Talk … and Get the Results You Want

Quick Summary

This really is a book that you need to read twice, at first read is just going to sound like an interesting story.  Then at the second read you start to really dissect and connect, or in my case disconnect to the characters.  This read was constructed very creatively, it walks you through a magical journey with CEO Bill, and the Janitor Clarence.  Throughout the book Clarence is helping Bill prepare a speech, discussing the company’s core values.

When I first started the book I tried to relate myself the CEO Bill, because I see myself as a leader and at my current company I am regarded as one of the veterans/leader/employee mentors. Then like many of the others who read this book I started to get agitated with the CEO Bill.  Honestly, this might have been because I’ve had enough with my own Supervisors walking tuff, and thinking their options and values are the only opinions that matter.  I’ve also had just about enough of people tripping over their own feet behind their fancy TITLES, as well.


“Who cares about what is going on with this company when you don’t care to tell us, what’s going on? – Internal communication is more than being nice to you coworkers.”

Chapter Takeaways:

How can Bill speak on behalf of everyone in the company – how can you walk the talk when people (your employees) barley hear you talk.

Clarence wasn’t impressed by tiles – Even though Bill was the CEO of the company he was regarded as  a major influencer, nor was he seen amongst the front line employees as the leader in the company.

Working together solves problems – it reduces wasted time, and reduces unnecessary conflict and interruption. Often on a team you will have several leaders, but each leader needs to understand their role on the team.

Final Thought – Just because you believe you are the leader or the designated voice, or just because you have been given a title does not mean you are the divine influence amongst the ones you’ve been placed above.

Despite what many managers think employees have to be motivated to be productive, and this motivation comes in various forms depending several factors.


Kindle Notes

Location 41 – Walking the Talk – acting in accordance with our beliefs and values –

Location 48 – In fact, the phrase “walk the talk” is merely a modern – day adaption of the saying “practice what you preach.”

Inspirational Tuesday ~ Serious Food For Thought about Food and Urbanism — Seedling in the Wind MicroFarm

Here are three good pieces on the current state of the world today. I hope they inspire you to look around and be the change we need. The future is living local, growing local, being a good neighbour and citizen. James Howard Kunstler exposes and asks critical questions about our current urban design and why […]

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The Purpose of This Blog Series:

This blog series will review books on various leadership theories and techniques for managing people.


“I have always been told I was a natural leader, and that I work well with people, yet this characteristic shines on its own.” Even though I’ve been told this for many years I swing highest on the notion that leaders aren’t born they are developed.  Recently in an interview I walked out agitated after being asked to explain; what my leadership style was, what makes me the best, and what I could offer this company, I had no clue. Therefore over the next few months I decided to work on my personal SWOT analysis, and review what makes a leader, a leader.

The Real Estate Industry:  This industry thrives on its ability to attract sustainable and authentic leaders. Throughout this blog series I will also discuss how these leadership skills can be applied to complex, political and ever changing issues within the Real Estate Industry.

The Inspiration behind This Blog Series:


”In 2017 I was hit with 2 whammies, God hit me straight in the face with my 2 biggest fears.” I can proudly say that I got through both of this issues as graciously as I normally do. Yet, now I’m dealing with a lot of negative self-talk, addressing my own personal reflections, and learning a few self-improvement techniques.

After 11 years of service I was laid off from my job (such a blessing).  I was laid off while I was working on starting my own business, requiring me to put my entrepreneurial plans to the side, and focus on job hunting.


  • Got Side Tracked:  When certain people heard I was looking for a job I started getting a bunch of calls for interviews, and I entertained them. I was thinking I can get a full time job, work on this certification and get back to my business.  I was granted interviews based on word of mouth and the snippets of content my on the applications.
  • Interviewing was absolute HELL.  During these interviews I struggled to articulate my skills.  I constantly felt like I was arguing the fact that I was the leader this company has been looking for. This made me come across as unconfined and sometimes as though I didn’t care about the interview.  I have always heard let your work speak for itself, but in these interviews none of the panelist had a clue what I had done, and in most interviews none of them had read my resume.

Opinion: Big farms aren’t ‘bad’

I rebloged this on my page becasue I was really impressed with to positive comments mentioned ate the end.

Word Press Blogger Bret to Hal:
Hal, to answer your question, if farmers choose to participate in the direct payment program, then they receive a payment of 8% of base acres for a crop. This rate is that same if the farm is 100, 1000, or 10,000 acres. So while the dollar limit will vary, the proportion/ratio is the same. Regarding CCPs and LDPs, market prices have been good enough that no one is getting those at all.

That being said, all those programs are going away with the 2013 Farm Bill.


Bo Stone, his wife Missy, and his parents jointly own P & S Farms in Rowland, North Carolina. He represents the U.S. Farmers & Ranchers Alliance as one of its Faces of Farming and Ranching. Follow our Farmers with Issues series for more perspective from people out in the field.

It’s just before 7:00 a.m. I’m pulling on my boots to step onto the fields of our family farm. The sun is rising, casting a pale glow across the land, making the warming frost sparkle. I love this part of my day. I walk out to the middle of the field and look over my crops.

I am proud of the corn, wheat and soybeans we grow on my 2,300-acre family farm. We grow sweet corn and strawberries to sell at the roadside market and also raise hogs and cows. And I feel good about the role we play…

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Taking The SNAP Challenge, Day 1

I was so inspired to take this challenge after reading this review a few weeks ago… that i am planning to take the challenge also…

I am a single mom who does not qualify for snap either so my family has learned to leave on exactly this budget.

I think the American familes are Extreamly over fed and should be conditioned to eat on less.

Economical i feel that if we adjusted ourselves it would lower the demand for over processed foods. Which would in turn lower the price of food.

American families are getting smaller yet the amount of food stamp benefits per family member continues to increase.

Sorry for the rant…

Can two people eat for five days for less than $50?

SNAP is the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program, formerly known as food stamps. The SNAP Challenge is a nationwide program during October, “Hunger Awareness Month,” that encourages participants to experience what life is like for low-income Americans, some of whom must live on the newly reduced subsidy of $5 or less per day per person.

That was the challenge Rabbi David Ingber of Romemu, the Upper West Side congregation I belong to, made to his congregants last week. “Take the SNAP Challenge,” he urged us, snapping his fingers. “See what it’s like to survive for a day on less than the cost of a Starbucks Latte.” A number of New York churches and synagogues are participating.

I signed up.

For more than a year, I’ve been entertaining the fantasy of competing on “Chopped.” The SNAP Challenge is an opportunity…

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