Book Reviews

This blog series will review books on various leadership theories and techniques for managing people.


“I have always been told I was a natural leader, and that I work well with people, yet this characteristic shines on its own.” Even though I’ve been told this for many years I swing highest on the notion that leaders aren’t born they are developed.  Recently in an interview I walked out agitated after being asked to explain; what my leadership style was, what makes me the best, and what I could offer this company, I had no clue. Therefore over the next few months I decided to work on my personal SWOT analysis, and review what makes a leader, a leader.

The Real Estate Industry:  This industry thrives on its ability to attract sustainable and authentic leaders. Throughout this blog series I will also discuss how these leadership skills can be applied to complex, political and ever changing issues within the Real Estate Industry.

The Inspiration behind This Blog Series:


”In 2017 I was hit with 2 whammies, God hit me straight in the face with my 2 biggest fears.” I can proudly say that I got through both of this issues as graciously as I normally do. Yet, now I’m dealing with a lot of negative self-talk, addressing my own personal reflections, and learning a few self-improvement techniques.

After 11 years of service I was laid off from my job (such a blessing).  I was laid off while I was working on starting my own business, requiring me to put my entrepreneurial plans to the side, and focus on job hunting.


  • Got Side Tracked:  When certain people heard I was looking for a job I started getting a bunch of calls for interviews, and I entertained them. I was thinking I can get a full time job, work on this certification and get back to my business.  I was granted interviews based on word of mouth and the snippets of content my on the applications.
  • Interviewing was absolute HELL.  During these interviews I struggled to articulate my skills.  I constantly felt like I was arguing the fact that I was the leader this company has been looking for. This made me come across as unconfined and sometimes as though I didn’t care about the interview.  I have always heard let your work speak for itself, but in these interviews none of the panelist had a clue what I had done, and in most interviews none of them had read my resume.

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