Community Development Block Grant (HUD)

Community Development Block Grant (HUD)


Milwaukee County has repaid the federal government $229,000 for improper handling of Community Development Block Grant.
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Major concerns with this project:

  1. The payback was ordered because the local programs primarily served City of Milwaukee residents or the county couldn’t find documentation showing how the money was spent, according to county and HUD officials.
  2. Webb helped create a phony contract for classes to help aspiring minority and female contractors get certified for the county’s disadvantaged business contracting program, according to court records.
  3.  She also participated in a double-billing scheme involving a local contractor and took kickbacks totaling $3,430 from the contractor.
  4. The county’s $28,000 allocation to its minority contracting program was ruled ineligible by HUD because those services went only to Milwaukee residents.
  5. The league’s 2011 annual report says it conducted 16 workshops for the county last year for 27 potential minority contractors.

This tax Credit:

Is ideal for cities wanting to improve housing conditions,  and expand economic opportunities for projects such as job retention for low income people. It is also ideal for projects that are aimed at eliminating hazardous conditions to the public or conditions of a emergency.

  1. In Dallas County cities are allowed to utilize their allocations for what ever they desire as long as they don’t hinder the counties ability to meet HUD’s annual spending requirements.
  2. Most of the money is typically used for code enforcement, and capital improvements.
  3. Dallas County typically allocates it’s home funds towards the down payment and closing cost assistance programs for low income home buyers.

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