Low Income Tax Credit

Low Income Tax Credit

low income


The LIHTC program requires a minimum affordability period of 30 years (i.e., a 15-year compliance period and subsequent 15-year extended use period). Some states require a longer affordability period for all LIHTC properties, and other states may negotiate longer affordability periods on a property-specific basis. Tenant incomes are recertified annually to ensure their continued eligibility. The allocating agency is responsible for monitoring compliance with the provisions during the affordability period and must report the results of monitoring to the IRS. To be eligible for consideration under the LIHTC Program, a proposed project must:

  1. Be a residential rental property.
  2. Commit to one of two possible low-income occupancy threshold requirements.
  3. Restrict rents, including utility charges, in low-income units.
  4. Operate under the rent and income restrictions for 30 years or longer, pursuant to written agreements with the agency issuing the tax credits.

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