Pedestrian Oriented Development

Pedestrian Oriented Development

Pedestrian Oriented Development

Pedestrian oriented development (POD) is a pedestrian friendly policy providing clear, comfortable pedestrian access to commercial and residential areas and transit stops.

  1. Successful implementation requires a shift from modern, automobile-dependent development toward more traditional design practices that provide safe, convenient opportunities for walking, biking and otherwise accessing key destinations such as
    school or work.
  2. This transition to pedestrian- and public transit-oriented development will help to eliminate quality of life impairments, such as congestion and air pollution, loss of open space, costly road maintenance and public health services, inequitable distribution of economic resources, and loss of a sense of community.
  3. New residential and commercial developments can and should incorporate pedestrian circulation into site layouts by providing not only sidewalks and walkways, but also human-scale landscaping, lighting and other features that promote a sense of
    safety and encourage people to make use of pedestrian amenities.

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